Believe Yourself. 

​Believe in what you do ! Do something that awes everyone . Do something that keeps you alive every moment. Do something such that your passion speaks .Do something that brings a smile on everyone you love and care about. Do something you believe in.

It is very important to know yourself . When you are a kid you are not surrounded by massive stress and extremely complicated ( yes , wo make things complicated) situations. There, you build yourself. You get exposed to many things and you learn. You get to know what you are best at. And you start pursuing it ( may be some really do what they love rest are pushed into lengthy courses )
Then as you grow up and start working in being better at it , you go a level up. And now you sit amongst those people who have the same “best” what you have. This is tougher than ever now. You need to do the best( that is what we expect) amongst the best now. Here is where you see competition , stress and failures .We work harder and completely exhaust ourselves . Doing all this process , we only think of getting the best results. Why? The way to become the best of this best is not only by improving yourself but at this stage you need to have a control over your mind. Stress can precipitate your talent. And the only way to not be stressed is 

1. Doing something your good at.

2. Never worry of results.

3. Never try to make someone else’s goals your goals.

Don’t try to change yourself , because in such a process you lose yourself. They say, listen to your heart.. so listen to it .

 Regret not because it will be a lesson and worry not because it is not the end.

PS  This is completely dedicated to the education system here .


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